Aqua-Seas Seafood Market is a locally owned business that is dedicated to providing a vast selection of quality seafood at low prices. We offer a full range of live, fresh and frozen seafood, as well as specialty and sushi products.

Freshness surrounds you as you enter through the doors into the market. We have twenty feet of fresh seafood on display and four tanks, freshwater and saltwater, filled with live fish and shellfish. At our cutting station, we cut and prepare our products daily. We also cut to order for our customers.

We invite you to visit and see what our seafood market has to offer.

Our Mission

At Aqua-Seas Seafood Market, our mission is to always emphasize the importance of providing preeminent quality seafood. Our goal is to be the primary source for seafood products by passing our low purchasing costs to savings for our customers. In order to maintain a high level of satisfaction, the quality of our seafood selection is guaranteed to meet standards, and our friendly staff is committed towards understanding each customer’s wants and needs.